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3 Restaurant Supply Kits That Will Save You Time

When running a restaurant, finding ways to save you time, no matter how little, can prove to be invaluable. When you don’t have to worry about hundreds of small things, you can focus on the larger, more important task of running a restaurant. A lesser-known time saver are restaurant supply kits.

What are Restaurant Supply Kits?

Restaurant supply kits – offered by restaurant fulfillment companies like Dot It – help to make nationwide rollouts easy, saving you both time and money. Individual restaurant supplies are sourced and sorted by type. Then, the fulfillment company packs each item into one box, or kit, which is then shipped altogether. This saves on shipping charges and time.

Kits can also save you warehouse space. You only get the amount you need, so you can use that closet for cleaning supplies instead. They also provide an easily reorderable solution, ensuring that you are never without what you need.

Why Brand Fulfillment Kitting?

If you opt into Dot It’s brand fulfillment solution, you will be able to create custom kits. These kits containing any branded items from your store will be available for franchisees to purchase. This means you can coordinate store supplies from your corporate office easily.

Branded restaurant supply kit example

Types of Restaurant Supply Kits

Basic Supplies Kit

There are likely several day-to-day items in your kitchen that make sense together in a kit. One of our most popular kits is our label dispensing kit – it involves a label dispenser plus enough day of the week rotation labels to fill the slots. These kits are handy for saving time; if you were to order a dispenser and separate label rolls, you would have to unpack them and assemble the dispenser yourself.

New Store Opening Kit

Gathering all the items needed for a new store opening can be overwhelming. It is easy to forget to order an item or order unnecessary duplicates, both resulting in needless costs. Ordering all NSO items in a kit can eliminate this mess. NSO kits should include various print items, such as signage, gift cards, flyers, posters, and menus. A good restaurant fulfillment company can complete these orders and eliminate the headaches associated with new store openings.

Restaurant branding examples showing colors, logos, and text

Limited Time Offers Kit

Kits can be incredibly useful for LTOs and seasonal rollouts. They help ensure that everything stores need for these often-short-lived promotions arrive on time and together. LTO kits can include custom print items, apparel, customer swag, promotional products, information packets, coupons, recipes, and themed décor for the stores.

Popular LTOs we’ve seen restaurants request kits for are holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving, back-to-school promotions in the fall, and seasonal food releases like Christmas flavors.

LTO management services are also available via our brand fulfillment solutions. We can help you coordinate LTOs across your locations, ensure that each store has exactly what they need.

Dot It Restaurant Fulfillment offers a robust Brand Fulfillment solution to help your restaurant nation-wide. For more information, contact us today!

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