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3 Tips for Successfully Managing Rollouts

The worst thing that can happen when you are about to launch a new rollout is to fumble the logistics. No restaurant wants to see all their hard work in the conception and preparation phases go to waste with late shipments or missing products. Ensure all your stores have what they need, when they need it by implementing these three tips for a successful rollout. 

1. Create a Rollout Calendar (& Stick To It!)

Map out your rollout calendar at least 3, if not 6 months in advance. #restaurantmarketing Click To Tweet

Have someone on your team create and manage a calendar for your LTO rollouts. You should be planning your promotions at least 3 months in advance, if not 6 months. This way, you can ensure you have the time to properly communicate with your stores the timeline and products they will be getting as well as your marketing plan. This is a great way for everyone to stay organized and on schedule. A calendar, shared with the entire team, ensures that people know when things are due and when the LTOs are beginning and ending. 

Generally speaking, the easiest rollouts to begin planning for are those around popular holidays, such as:

Starting with those in mind, you can perfect your process and add additional rollouts throughout the year.

2. Coordinate with a Checklist or Project Manager

Another way to stay organized is to create a checklist of steps that need to be completed prior to and during the rollout. Dot It is here to help you take the first step with your checklist.

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Download our essential LTO rollout checklist to help stay on track. LTO rollouts require a lot of steps that need to be completed at the same time. Our checklist can help keep you on track.

3. Outsource the Logistics

Don’t feel like you are alone when trying to successfully manage an LTO rollout. Sourcing all the materials, kitting them, and distribution are a lot to take on, especially when you’re juggling every other step of the rollout. Make it easy on yourself and hire an LTO partner who can coordinate all that for you. A good fulfillment company will:

  • Source the materials you need
  • Print the products with your branding
  • Stock the products in a warehousing facility until it’s time for use
  • Kit and pack the products for individual shipment to your locations nationwide
  • Ship your rollout materials on time and in good condition

The most successful LTO rollouts are planned ahead of time, completely, thoroughly, and occur with the least amount of hassle.

Need an LTO Partner?

Before you decide to begin planning your next LTO rollouts, make sure to give Dot It a call. We make sure that all your participating locations receive all the necessary materials on time, so that the morning of the rollout goes smoothly. We can help ensure your limited time offers are a great success. 

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