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6 Must Have Personality Traits to Run a Successful Restaurant Kitchen

Running a successful restaurant kitchen doesn’t happen overnight. Restaurant kitchens are filled with stressful situations, many different personality types, and an unpredictable day-to-day working environment. If you currently, or hope to, manage a restaurant kitchen you will need these personality traits to be successful.

1.  Strong Leader


Being a strong leader is one of the most crucial personality traits to run a kitchen. Leading by example is a great starting point to build trust among your staff. Finding teachable moments when people are falling short is also a great way to educate your staff without seeming like you are coming down hard on your employees.


2. Good Communicator

Good communication is a cornerstone of any well-run restaurant kitchen.

Being able to efficiently give directions to your staff members not only saves time but also leaves your employees feeling confident that they can complete an assignment without having to come back with questions.


3. Speak More Than One Language


Speaking more than one language is also a benefit and will help you communicate with non-English speaking employees. One out of seven U.S. citizens speaks a language other than English at home, according to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.


4. Performs Well Under Pressure


Managers in the food service industry deal with long hours, working on holidays, and being called at a moment’s notice to deal with problems in the restaurant. Additionally, they must balance high-pressure situations, such as complaining customers, challenging employees, and hours of clerical work. A restaurant kitchen manager needs to have a cool and calm demeanor to handle all the unpredictable problems.


5. Not Afraid to Get Your Hands Dirty


A restaurant kitchen manager can’t be afraid to roll up his or her sleeves and assist in the kitchen or with the waitstaff. Are the busboys running behind on clearing tables? Then the manager needs to help clear tables. If you view a task as “below you,” then being a restaurant kitchen manager might not be for you.


6. Ability to Balance the Books



Being personable is an important trait to run a kitchen, but it means nothing if you’re unorganized from a business perspective. From operating expenses, food inventory costs, and food and beverage sales, understanding all the numbers in your books will go a long way in making your restaurant a success.


Have the personality traits to run a successful kitchen? Great! Now, get the supplies and print you need to get started.

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