7 Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Restaurants


1. Promote a “Friends-giving” restaurant event and take reservations. Then blast it on social media.


Thanksgiving promotions can be a better alternative to cutting prices. To attract groups, offer a Friends-giving party with special offers. More importantly, let EVERYONE know about your event via E-blasts, your website and social posts. Promote your special Friends-giving event and restaurant offers to entice customers to make reservations.

To get the highest results, social media is key. You will increase profits and the event will been seen by your key demographic. Create and promote a Facebook event for your Friends-giving and invite your followers. As more people become interested, you will be able to get a good head count so you can staff the event accordingly.


2. Get festive with Thanksgiving decor: window clings, table tents, POS displays, & more!


Grab customers’ attention with bright and festive custom print like window graphics, banners, and signage. Showcase your thanksgiving specials or just show that you are in the spirit. Table tents are a great way to show your seasonal items through great eye-catching photos. A hungry customer will choose the item because of a good photo alone. Offer eye-level thanksgiving items like apple cider to get those last minute impulse buys.

3. Offer a Thanksgiving menu item.


Brainstorm a new Thanksgiving menu. Promote the items as seasonal to encourage buyers to try before the seasons change. Think outside the box like a Turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce to make it different and specific to the season. Even small items can perform well such as a pumpkin-flavored coffee or smoothie.

Remember don’t be afraid to try something different to create buzz. Get your consumers talking and sharing their meals on social media.


4. Take advantage of Small Business Saturday on November 24.


First thing is to inform your customers that your business will be taking part in Small Business Saturday. Share on social media with the hashtag, #SmallBusinessSaturday.

A good social post might be: Avoid the Black Friday circus and shop on Saturday November 24 for #SmallBusinessSaturday. After you swing by and grab a pumpkin latte of course.

A small incentive will work well here too such as a buy one get one 50% off. Most shoppers will travel in a group so keep that in mind to get two or more sales at once.


5. Hand out small gifts or stickers to kids. (Shop Stickers)


Leave your guest with something they can take home to continue their great experience. Hand out Thanksgiving-themed stickers to leave the little ones happy.

See all the sticker options here.


6. Get involved in the community.


A great way to help promote during the Thanksgiving season is to get involved in the community. Get in the spirit by offering to partner with a local charity or run a canned food drive. You can offer a free drink or appetizer to customers that bring a can.

Customers are feeling more charitable during the holidays and will recognize your involvement in the community. Be sure to take photos and share the highlights through social media and email.  


7. Are you open on Thanksgiving? (Pro tip: Use Yext to update your holiday hours across all your online listings.) 


To be open or not to be open on Thanksgiving? If you see an opportunity to have a profitable day, open your doors this holiday. However most people may assume that you will be closed. The best way to let people know your holiday hours is with Yext. This way, guests will know your hours across the top online publishers like Google, Bing, Facebook, and Yelp.

You can continue to use these tips through all of the holidays and make the most of every event. For more B2B marketing guidance visit us at brand.dotit.com/blog.


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