16 Outstanding Restaurant Mission Statements and How to Write Them

Why Do I Need a Mission Statement? A restaurant’s mission statement expresses the values of the business. Oftentimes, mission statements can be viewed negatively, either considered cliché or simply unnecessary, but this is a failure of the company to properly convey its message. The best restaurant mission statements will not only [...]

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How to Promote a Café

Consumers spend $74.2 billion per year on coffee in the U.S., according to a 2015 study conducted by the National Coffee Association, making cafes a strong frontier for sky-rocketing revenue. However, in an increasingly competitive market, business owners must navigate the promotion of their cafés with more precision than ever. Below, [...]

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How Restaurants Can Optimize POP Areas to Increase Sales

Harvard Business Review predicted more than 30 years ago that point of purchase sales would only continue to become more important as impulse buying increased and customers became less inclined to listen to the more direct suggestions of out-of-store advertisements. The best POP areas for profits and increased sales work with [...]

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How to Market Gluten-Free Options in Your Restaurant

As customers invest more energy into searching for the perfect restaurant, more Americans than ever consider gluten-free options essential. Nearly 3.1 million people adhere to gluten-free diets according to a 2017 study from the Mayo Clinic, making the restriction three-times more popular than it was in 2009. The gluten-free phenomenon, now [...]

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