4 Traffic-Driving Christmas Promotions for Restaurants

Tis’ the season to start your Christmas restaurant promotions! When you are marketing for the holidays, many businesses struggle to make their promotions festive while avoiding over-the-top strategies that tend to put off customers. The key to effective Christmas local store marketing ideas is authenticity and remaining on-brand with your establishment. [...]

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3 Ways Franchisees Can Ruin Your Restaurant’s Brand and What You Can do About It

Franchisees are an amazing asset for restaurants, but even the greatest assets can have drawbacks. There are three main ways in which franchisees can endanger your restaurant’s brand, often unknowingly. These problems often come with the territory of working with individuals and groups separated by distance and demographics. It helps to [...]

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Menu Lingo That Sells

Developing content for your promotional items and menus can be an incredibly frustrating task. How do you describe a delicious meal in a way that doesn’t sound hokey but will get across the message that this food is worth buying? How do you keep your restaurant’s marketing strategies on-brand with [...]

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5 Tips for Marketing Your Next LTO Rollout

What are LTO Rollouts? “LTO” stands for “Limited Time Only,” and generally refers to specials or promotions that only stick around for a short time. The benefits of LTO rollouts are numerous, including increased customer base, revenues, and customer satisfaction. With franchises, however, LTO rollouts can pose a significant challenge, especially [...]

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