Signage & Print Every Restaurant Needs

Effective and compelling signs persuade hungry consumers to visit your establishment and are crucial to your business branding.

Exterior Restaurant Signage & Print

Drive both car and foot traffic into your restaurant with high quality restaurant signage. Make a good impression and reinforce your brand with large format signage on your restaurant’s exterior.


Large format banners such as “Grand Opening” or “Open Now” are an excellent way to advertise new store locations. Regularly update your restaurant banners to reflect new LTOs or specials.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are an easy way to advertise monthly specials and promotions. Plus, they are an inexpensive way to draw the eye of passersby.

A Frame Signs

If your restaurant has a sidewalk out front, a good way to attract foot traffic is with a-frame signs. Promote your menu offerings or welcome in guests with attractive a-frame signage.

Vehicle Wraps

Don’t forget signage on your fleet vehicles if you do catering or food delivery to promote your brand all over town!


Interior Restaurant Signage & Print

Now that you’ve gotten the hungry consumer into your restaurant, show off your excellent offerings, great quality, daily or monthly specials, nutritional information or anything else you want them to know about your establishment.


Can’t have a restaurant without menus! You’ll need menu boards, to-go/catering menus, kids’ menus, and food delivery menus to get you started. While designing, be sure to consider these 12 psychological tricks of restaurant menus.

Window Decals

Promote your latest LTO, seasonal offerings, and hours of operation on windows and glass panes.

Directional Signage

Think about your customer and directional signage they might need to be able to navigate your store easily. Things like restroom signage, “order here” signage, exit signs etc.

Wall Decals & Murals

Take advantage of every inch of real estate with wall decals and murals.

Marketing & Advertising Print

Promote your menu and promotions with promotional print like table tents, bounce-back cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, flyers and brochures.

Get a Quote

All restaurant signage is of great help to the customer, but also to the restaurant owner. Each sign is an opportunity to establish your brand and leave the customer eager to return. Get a quote for any restaurant print or signage you might need at 800-642-3687 or email

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