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Top 10 Restaurant Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

Every team needs a coach and all coaches need new plays for game day. Stay in the know and learn from leaders on the restaurant scene with our picks for the best restaurant marketing blogs.

10. Fast Casual

Despite the name, this blog offers valuable tips for restaurants of all styles, speeds and price points. Follow on Facebook and Twitter.

Can’t miss: Their take on the best loyalty programs.

9. The Rail

An up-and-coming blog, The Rail goes the extra mile to answer questions clearly and concisely. Stay up to date on Facebook and Twitter.

Can’t miss: Their under 60-seconds series, a fast and easy dose of knowledge.

8. Eater

While designed for customers, Eater is used by industry insiders to measure the pulse of what’s appealing to the public. You can find Eater on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Can’t miss: Their hyper-local coverage for 24 cities across the U.S. like Austin, Chicago and Miami.

7. Open for Business

From the makers of the online reservation app Open Table, this blog’s raw data shows what works and what you can do better. Keep up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Can’t miss: How to use psychology to attract large groups to your restaurant.

6. Restaurant Engine

Going back to basics, this blog delivers versatile tips and tricks while avoiding overly niche content on specific markets and menus. Follow on Facebook.

Can’t miss: Their guide on marketing with a small budget.

5. Restaurant Hospitality

These reports on customer trends will help you make decisions as you move forward in a streamlined blog easy to read after recovering from the dinner rush. Follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Can’t miss: Their guide on the most sought-out foods for takeout.

4. Foodable

With an extensive range of content, Foodable dives into the most effective marketing techniques while investing in other business elements. Keep up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and through their podcasts.

Can’t miss: Their guide to taking the perfect Instagram photo of your food.

3. Uncorkd

An up-and-comer, Uncorkd specializes in how to market beer, wine and liquor while tackling managerial style, ethical business practices and more. Uncorkd’s streamlined and straight-forward offerings make it a blog to watch. New on the scene, Facebook is currently their only social media account.

Can’t miss: Their take on online customer reviews.

2. Modern Restaurant Management

Always sharing something fresh, Modern Restaurant Management tackles all aspects of business, recognizing that marketing works best when the operations, design, management and more operate at the highest level. Stay in the know with their Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube channel.

Can’t miss: Their comparisons of marketing strategies at competing restaurants.

1. Restaurant Business


Think Forbes, but for the food service industry. Restaurant Business features think-pieces analyzing thriving and struggling restaurants, listicles, profiles on industry leaders, and timely posts about how current events are expected to influence customer trends. You can keep up with their content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Can’t miss: Their 2018 list for the 50 innovative ideas that can revitalize your business.

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