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Brand Fulfillment FAQs

Yes, we have an in-house design team who can can create your art files for you if you don’t have a design resource. Our rates are $95 per hour with a 1/2 hour minimum.

Yes, we can blind ship and drop ship.

Yes, we will send you a weekly or monthly report that can be customized based on what you want to see. This may include inventory numbers, slow moving products, which locations are ordering and what they’re ordering.

We offer both in-house production as well as third party partners. We produce labels in-house but are also a part of a connected group of printers in the DFW area, one of the largest print areas in the USA, so we’re able to offer very good pricing on products.

Yes. We have several options for inventory transfers, but what makes the most sense depends on your current situation, so talk to us and we can work out an inventory transfer plan that works for you!

All fees are built into the cost of your inventory so you get one price and no surprises.

Stock items ship same day if entered by 3 PM or next day if after 3 PM. For print-on-demand items, there is a roughly 3-4 day turnaround time.

Stock items are brought in house and kept in inventory. Print-on-demand items are custom products that are printed on an as needed basis. Usually, this is variable print which allows a store to enter their own details, such as store hours, location and contact details.

All stock items come out of our Texas facility, however custom orders are shipped from preferred suppliers geographically to save on freight.

In certain cases, yes. It depends on how your accounts are set up in our system.

With the exception of major customization, the website is part of doing business with you. We do have revenue spending tiers so that you must meet certain spend thresholds in order to avoid charges. This is to ensure if a website is built, that it’s put to use for everyone’s benefit.

  • $100k spend – $0 owed
  • $80k spend – $0 owed
  • $60k spend – $3k owed
  • $40k spend – $4k owed
  • $20k and under spend – $5k owed

Yes. We offer account support which can include a dedicated Account Manager, call center customer support team, live chat, and technical support.

Yes, we can use your vendors. We’ll work in tandem with your purchasing team to negotiate terms with the vendor and buy the product. If preferred, we can manage the relationship from there, letting you focus on the core of your business.

Absolutely! Talk to us about the products you’re looking for, and we can help you find a resource. Oftentimes, we have qualified vendors we’ve worked with previously and can negotiate better price points.

Only on printed items produced at our facility. To protect your brand, we want to be responsible for the quality assurance of the items produced. It also allows for faster shipping and a more efficient production cycle.

This is included in the markup of the products.

No! Brand Fulfillment can be customized to fit your needs and includes any custom print and back-of-house items that don’t fit into broadline distribution. For example, banners, menus, table tents, bounceback offers, portion bags, rotation labels, and thermometers.

Yes! From gumball machines to fanny packs, our sourcing team can help you find any item you want to carry.

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