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  In a Nutshell

Kitting is the term used for grouping individually separate, but related, items into one ready-to-ship package. For the purposes of Brand Fulfillment, kitting and assembly play an important part in LTO rollouts, new store openings, and seasonal promotions.

Kitting and Assembly Process

The kitting process begins with pulling products out of inventory. Then, individual items are sorted and grouped together, and each kit gets packed into boxes. The boxes are then shinkwrapped and ready for transport.





Benefits of Kitting Services

There are many advantages to outsourcing your kitting and assembly services. Not only can you save warehouse space, but you can also improve your shipping efficiency and production costs.

   Faster assembly and production cycles

   Reduce number of purchase orders

   Free up floor space

   Fewer shipping mistakes

   Improve quality control

Our kitting team ensures each package contains all the elements required for successful LTOs and the launch of a new location.

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